We all agree that 2017 rushed by in a flash, but look at this! No sooner have we put our work boots back on, we’re a blimmin’ week into 2018 already! What’s that about?

We had a great time welcoming you all into the new year and helping you celebrate the festive season, but now that it’s back to business as usual, we wanted to wish our friends and customers all the best in this exciting, fresh beginning.

Whether you’ve blown your resolutions already, or you’re just using this time to plan out the coming 12 months, we’re hoping there’s plenty of good times ahead for us all. Aroma’s currently using January to plan a revamped upstairs bar experience, which we’ll be ready to talk about next month… and part of that is being planned out by our latest business partner!


We first started Aroma nearly four years ago with some fantastic backing, but as the business has grown and changed, we’ve had the opportunity to welcome a new business partner to our midst. Thing is, it’s likely you already know who our mystery benefactor is…

If you’ve been in recently — and of course you have, you’re lovely like that — you might have seen our sleek rockstar barista Will with even more of a twinkle in his eye than usual.

That’s because he’s the new business partner at Aroma, making our coffee shop cocktail bar extravaganza all the better! We recently toasted to our shared success — Aroma is now Will’s, Tom’s and Mercedes’ enterprise, and there’s plenty more planning to do.

Don’t worry though — it’s nothing fusty and businesslike on your side. In fact, it’s only going to help us grow, improve and continue being one of the best independent bar cafes Norwich can offer!

It’s an ambition we hope to reach with your support and help, so make sure your 2018 is an Aroman one. And stay tuned — like we said, big news for our upstairs bar now Will’s here to add his spice to things…!

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