Valentine’s Day might be just around the corner, but we’ve got plenty else to spread the love with!

The new year’s already off to a fantastic start for us at Aroma, and as always, it’s inspiring us to push ourselves and give it our best. That doesn’t just apply to our personal lives – Tom learning languages and Will and Mercedes taking boxing classes, anyone? – but also to the coffee and treats we’re getting you stuck into day by day

Aroma Mocha
Who could say no?

We’ve also been getting our gladrags on for our wine tasting and canapes sessions, which are helping set the mood for our grand reopening of our revamped cocktail bar this month.

If you missed this classy evening of tipples, helped along by the talented sommelier Antoin, don’t worry! It proved so popular we’re doing another on 1st March. See in springtime with a suitably fruit vintage, and we’ll sort out the perfect canape to put with it.

wine posh whatevs
A resplendent crowd of guests as always!

As for our big bar reopening dates, well… take your pick! You’ll find 16th February, as well as 23rd and 24th February, ready to wow you with some of the finest cocktails we can concoct.

We’ve got high hopes for 2018 as it continues, and we hope you’ll join us as we get the ball rolling! And even if not, can we show you Mercedes and Chris’s puppy Sherlock?

Because he’s the most handsome hound in the history of the world ever. Fond of the odd gourmet burger too!




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