It’s Valentine’s Day Eve! Goodness gracious. Throughout the land, people scurry hither and thither to find the ideal trinkets to bestow upon their beaus. Whether you think it’s the best thing since particularly crusty sliced bread or a cynical corporate cash grab, there’s no denying that a day about the allure of love should always be celebrated in some way, shape or form. And if you’re single? Pfff – don’t worry! There’s always Singles Day to feel smug about. They do that worldwide now, you know.

Anyway, we’re here to give a massive thank you to Donnie Rust, Jerome Smith and the team at The Lost Executives, who recently put out a fantastic write-up about us. Flattering and humbling in equal measure!

Donnie Rust. Sharp as a tack and twice as shiny.

However, we’re also here to say that those of you with a fondness for naughty occult literature will be thrilled to know that Donnie will be making time for us on Thursday 15th February to read excerpts and sign copies of his fantastic new book, the title of which we… well… see for yourself. Not for kiddie-winks, this, but seethingly naughty fun for the rest of us.

Make sure to get involved!

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