Ho-Ho-Hot DAMN Are We Ready For Christmas!

Did you see those first tantalising flakes of snow sprinkle over Norwich like grated cheese on one of Will’s soups the other day?!

Massive excitement is the order of the day at Aroma, as we reflect on a sensational November. We’re happy to say the colder weather and longer nights did nothing to dampen your fun, and from private parties and black and red birthday shindigs to our own celebrations of close friends aplenty, there’s been a fantastic upbeat feel to things recently.

Mercy D

We’ve been super busy prepping plenty of surprises for the coming year, including our tickets-only Wine Tasting & Food Pairing, a first for 2018 come February.

But we’ve also kept the love going for our fabulous community. We said happy birthday to Tony, our writer in attendance, as well as Zsolt, our favourite Hungarian (don’t tell Erno Rubik, inventor of Tom’s favourite toy).

We also marked the occasion of the esteemed Guy Wilkinson’s ‘Meditation’ photography collection, and even dropped round to deliver some goodies to our injured buddy Roger. Whew!

Yet as we saw, and as Mercedes got way too excited about, November rounded off with flurries of snow, like a tingly promise of what’s to come…


If November was enriched by celebration, December is of course the month for even more party spirit… with a few party spirits, if you know what we mean. Christmas bookings are taking off, but if you and your company have left it last minute, relax. There’s still a little time and plenty of room for you and yours, if you’re ready to book with us.

It’s the season of giving too, and so giving we indeed are! How does free mulled wine and mince pies sound?

That’s right, you lick your lips and rub your belly. We know what you like!

Our mulled wine and mince pies sessions fall on the 8th, 15th, 21st and 22nd December, between 5PM and 7PM. Proper tasty and deliciously warming!

Of course, we’re also welcoming new art and creativity to our floors in December. The esteemed and effusive Volta poetry movement, with its established performers and its available open-mic slots, is coming to Aroma for the first time on 14th December. While we’ve hosted poetry nights of our own before, we’re especially excited to see what this much beloved event can bring. Join us!

Games Night Above

Christmas is also board games season, although you can leave those misty memories of angry Monopoly in the dust where they belong. Our Christmas board games night promises a much more giggly and tipsy affair, with a mix of classics and new modern favourites. If you’re not too fussed on making the Naughty List you can also try your hands at the more racy games making an appearance too…

Of course, the main event is Christmas itself, and after last year’s popular pyjama party, replete with drinks and Christmas films on the projector, we’re going bigger and better this year.

Confirm your attendance with us, and you’ll be part of our Secret Santa. Show up in either an ugly Christmas jumper or the festive jim-jams of your choice, and be a good sport and bring a little something for our festive buffet. We’ll provide the good times, good drinks and good company… we’re looking forward to seeing you! Will you be joining us this Christmas?

Secrets Revealed!

That Salted Caramel Espresso Martini!

Salted Caramel Martini

Our Norwich Cocktail Week special went down a storm last week. We shook so many, my triceps actually ache. Whilst mixing and stirring and shaking, I found myself looking up into the alluring eyes of interested customers, looming over and trying to get a sneak peek of our secret recipes! Aha! Wouldn’t you just love to know?!

Well what the heck, we’re no Malteser and as my four year old nephew keeps reminding me —  sharing is caring!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wilkins Salted Caramel Sauce (1 large bar spoon, more for garnish)

Aroma Guatamala Double Espresso (must be fresh and hot, 50ml)

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur (1shot, 25ml)

A standard, unflavoured vodka (1shot, 25ml)

Method to our madness: pre-chill your martini glass with ice and water. When the sides are frosty, chuck out the ice and dab dab dab any excess water with a napkin. In a cocktail shaker, combine the hot espresso with the heaped bar spoon of salted caramel. Stir until dissolved.

Add the Kahlua and the vodka, then fill with ice and shake, shake, shake. Seriously… if you don’t shake vigorously enough, your cocktail wont foam and the texture is a big part of this cocktail!

Double strain into your martini glass. That’s DOUBLE strain… meaning you need to run the cocktail through not only the strainer holes in your shaker (or hawthorn, if using Bostons), as well as through a fine strainer. At home, a simple kitchen sieve will do the trick. Use a knife to spread salted caramel sauce around the rim of the glass and finish off with some coffee beans for garnish (an even number of coffee beans are un-lucky, so stick to three!*).

If you try to use anything other than espresso with a decent crema, your cocktail will still be tasty, but your texture and aesthetic will not be the same. We’re lucky to have a beast of a coffee machine in Aroma and baristas with the know-how. But if you have an espresso machine at home, you should be able to re-create this cocktail. Come pick our brains, we give tips freely!

*The three beans originates from the traditional garnish for sambuca called ‘con la mosca’, meaning ‘with the fly’. They represent health, wealth and happiness.

It may not be the healthiest version of the classic espresso martini, and at £8 you’ve got the have the wealth. But it’s gonna put a massive smile on your face!

– Cocktail Maestro Mercedes